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We can help upgrade the security of your business.  If you need hardware installed, high security access control, or anything else just give us a call, and we will provide expert commercial services.


Hardware Locks Installs Repairs

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Commercial Hardware Installation & Repair

Door Closers

Install a door closer to shut a door automatically.  Ensure the doors are securely closed without having to rely on people pulling the door shut behind them.  

Panic Bars

Install a panic bar (crash bar) to allow for easy egress.  These are essential for doors designated as fire exits.  Using a panic bar, allows a door to be opened in one single pushing motion. 

Door Exit & Prop Alarms

Install an exit alarm in order to sound a piercing siren any time a door is opened.  These are particularly useful for alarming fire exits.  They can also be used as a burglary alarm for any door even if its not on a monitored alarm system.

Electric Strikes

Install an electric strike on a door with an electronic access control system.  This allows a door to be unlocked electronically using a keypad, a card reader, or a buzzer, while preserving the ability to be opened with a key.

Electromagnetic Locks

Install an electromagnetic lock (mag lock or shear lock) on a door with an electronic access control system.  This allows a door to be unlocked electronically using a keypad, a card reader, or a buzzer.

Electric Door Operators (Opener)

Install an electronic door operator on any door that needs to be opened electronically.  The typical application for use is on a handicap accessible entrance in order to hold the door open at the push of a button.

Door Lock Installation & Repair

Lever Locks

Install a lever lock to secure a door and make it ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.  Lever locks need minimal wrist motion, making them easier to turn than conventional knob locks.

Knob Locks

Install a knob lock to secure a door.  These are typically used in residential situations, as commercial applications typically require the use of lever locks in order to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Deadbolt Locks

Install a deadbolt lock to add an extra layer of defense to a door.  These locks are more secure than levers and knobs, as a result of the bolt which extends fully into the frame and does not use a spring mechanism.  This secures the door and prevents credit carding.

Door Locks

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks provide several important benefits.  They can be disassembled to be repaired (unlike many locks which cannot be taken apart).  These locks are very modular, which allows them to be customized to fit a specific application and function.

Storefront Locks

Storefront locks secure glass and aluminum store doors.  The modular nature allows the lock to be somewhat customized based on function required.  The interior, exterior, lock body, and cylinder can all be easily changed.

Access Control Lock Installation & Repair

Mechanical & Electronic Keypad Locks

Keypad locks can be used to provide admittance without distributing keys.  This allows access to be taken or given simply by changing the code.  No need to change the locks.

Electronic Card Swipe Locks

Swipe card locks can be used to provide admittance using card keys that cannot be duplicated.  There is no code which can be given to unintended recipients.  This allows access to be taken or given by enabling or disabling a card.  No need to change the locks.

High Security Lock Cylinders

High security lock cylinders can be installed into a pre-existing lock in order to upgrade its security and provide key control.  These cylinders grant the lock increased resistance to:  picking, bumping, drilling, and unauthorized key duplication.

Access Control

Lock Keying

Rekey Locks

Key all of your locks the same.  Rekey a lock to match it to a new key without having to replace the lock itself.  This allows multiple locks to be keyed to one single key.  Rekeying the lock prevents any old keys from working.

Master Key Locks

Master keyed locks can be be opened by individual keys as well as an overall master key.  This allows a person with a lower level key to access to specific doors without being able to open every door, while simultaneously allowing the master key to open all doors.

Interchangeable Core Keying

Interchangeable core (IC) locks enable the lock cylinder to be removed without disassembling the entire lock.  This allows the cylinder to be quickly removed and changed in the event of an emergency without requiring a locksmith.

Lock Keying

Key Duplication & Generation

Commercial Key Duplication

Duplicating commercial keys is not always an easy task.  Many of the keys are hard to find anywhere except at a locksmith.  Albemarle Lock makes just about every key imaginable.

High Security Key Duplication

Duplicating high security commercial keys can be  especially tricky.  Many of these keys are hard to find anywhere except at a locksmith.  This is especially true for high security keys, many of which require authorization to cut.

Lost Key Generation

If all copies of a key are lost it's not too late.  The pins inside of the lock can be measured in order to reproduce a working key.  Another option is to rekey the lock to a brand new key. 

Key Cutting

Other Lock Installation & Repair


Padlocks with varying sizes, shackle lengths, materials, and quality can be installed to suit just about any commercial need.  High security padlocks can add an extra layer of both protection and key control.

Cam Locks

Cam locks can be installed in a variety of situations when a conventional door lock or padlock will not suffice.  High security cam locks can add an extra layer of both protection and key control.

File Cabinet & Furniture Locks

There are many different types of locks that can be used to secure file cabinets, furniture, toolboxes, etc.  High security locks can add an extra layer of both protection and key control.

Other Locks
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